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Elemental Weapon Systems is a Veteran-owned business dedicated to preserving our constitutional rights as Americans. We accomplish this by providing accessible firearms training: teaching students of all levels, from beginner to advanced, tailoring the curriculum to the needs of those students, and traveling to them. We aim to help all armed Americans feel safe, confident, and comfortable handling firearms.


My background in the firearms industry began when I was a civilian competing in local gun competitions and teaching local firearms courses. It ultimately led me to appear on seasons three and five of Top Shot, History Channel's shooting competition show. After winning season five, I enlisted in the United States Navy. I served eight years active duty in Naval Special Warfare, deploying to multiple combat zones as a sniper in my reconnaissance element and separately deploying to a host nation to perform the foreign internal defense mission set in counter-narcotics. In 2023, I separated from the military and founded Elemental Weapon Systems to return to my passion for all things guns and training. Every American has the right to keep and bear arms and I believe they have a duty to become proficient with them to protect themselves, their families, and their communities. I want Elemental Weapon Systems to provide students with the knowledge and tools to do just that.