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LEO Training

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This course will enhance the skillset of any member of the department/agency in both tactical shooting techniques and weapon manipulation. We start with fundamentals to meet every student's level of expertise, then thread advanced techniques throughout the course, allowing students to level up rapidly as the course progresses. We work with each department to determine their needs and provide a tailored curriculum to fulfill those needs. Law Enforcement Officers will leave this course with improved shooting accuracy, a better understanding of advanced tactics, as well as enhanced confidence in their duty weapon handling.

We will also cover the officer's everyday carry setup and help them improve the usability of their kits within the department's regulations. We understand there are restrictions, but we will work within these restrictions to make each officer the most effective asset in their community.

Course Length: 1 day (Longer if Requested)


  • Duty Rifle
  • Extra Rifle Mags
  • Duty Pistol
  • Extra Pistol Mags
  • Department's Desired Amount of Rifle and Pistol Ammo
  • Personal DUTY IFAK
  • Duty Setup for Carrying Rifle Magazines and Pistol Magazines (This should also incorporate your truck setup, i.e., gun bags, active shooter response kit, etc.)
  • Active Clothing and Footwear
  • Eye and Ear Protection
  • Notebook and Pen/Pencil
  • Lunch and Water


-NO VIDEO OR PHOTOGRAPHY IS ALLOWED DURING CLASS AT THIS TIME UNLESS APPROVED BY ELEMENTAL WEAPON SYSTEMS. Our internal media team may provide photos and videos of class upon request.