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Pistol Essentials

Course price is a flat rate for up to 12 students. Email for pricing and to schedule this course at

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This introductory pistol course is one full day of instruction covering everything essential for new gun owners. This includes firearm manipulation, loading, unloading, proper shooting technique, overall comfort, and basic self-defense with live fire shooting and drills. Class will start with an open forum discussion and dry fire practice until the class is comfortable with firearms basics. We will focus on live fire shooting and basic handgun drills to maximize the student's capabilities for the remainder of this course. We aim to take the newest firearms owner and have them leave this course feeling comfortable and confident in their abilities to handle and use their firearm.

Class pricing is based on a flat rate system. We take up to 12 students for each class to maintain an exclusive training environment for each individual. Email us for pricing and to schedule a course

Course Length: 1 day


  • Personal Pistol
  • Holster (NO SERPA)
  • Extra Pistol Mags
  • 500 Rounds Minimum of FMJ Pistol Ammo
  • A System For Carrying 2 Pistol Magazines (If Student Desires)
  • Active Clothing and Footwear
  • Eye and Ear Protection
  • Notebook and Pen/Pencil
  • Lunch and Water


  1. Follow firearms safety measures with no exceptions.
  2. Supply a copy of your CCW/CPL or submit to a full background check if you do not have a CCW or CPL.
  3. Take no video or photography during class unless approved by Elemental Weapon Systems. (Our internal media team may provide photos and videos of the class upon request.)